Breakdown Cover in the UK

If you have only a few days off from your work chances are good that you won’t want to take a motor tour of Europe. But you might want to get away from your home for a little while, visit the seashore or even tour the sights. With famous sites that date back to before the Romans landed on Britain’s southern tip, there is scarcely a single part of the UK that doesn’t have its picturesque ruins, well-preserved mansions, archeological ruins or beautiful natural wonders. In fact, you might find that you don’t need to leave home at all to indulge in a relaxing, amazing “staycation” practically in your own backyard.

At-Home Cover

If you are only minutes from an amazing destination or reliable public transit, such as a tour bus, that can take you to your destination, you can still benefit from at-home breakdown cover. This is the same coverage that helps make sure that you get out the door to your day job without significant delays from mechanical breakdown problems such as a flat tire, a rundown battery, or someone excitedly locking the car door with the keys inside.

Tow/Trailer Cover

Maybe you’ve decided that the best way to save money while seeing the sights is to hitch a small caravan or popup camper to the back of your car or truck. While it can give you significant control over where you sleep at night, it is a good idea to get your tow-along insured as well as your primary vehicle. The contraption that you are pulling behind your car or truck needs to meet highway standards, including turn signals, tires, the connection to your motor vehicle and emergency equipment. Your breakdown agent can help you assess and meet those needs before you head out on your excellent adventure.

Vehicle Recovery

Perhaps you’ve only taken a day trip to the seaside. But after several hours of surf and sun, you return to your vehicle to discover the environment that was good for you has not been so great for your set of motorized wheels. Perhaps it has developed a leak of some sort of vital fluid, the heat and salt have gotten to the battery, or you just didn’t pay close enough attention to the gas gauge. (Oops!) Regardless of the cause, you are tired, warm, ready for a shower and your comfy bed – if you can just get there. Vehicle recovery can include towing and even a place to stay for the night. If you are close enough to be given a ride or a rental car, vehicle recovery will help with getting your vehicle back to you once it is repaired.

Roadside Assistance

Mechanical failure is one of those things that can happen anywhere and at any time. Whether you are headed toward that historic castle, mountain climbing, or your day job, having your vehicle stall out at a stop sign or (worse yet) in traffic is certainly going to put a crimp in your day. There is nothing so pleasant as the sight of your roadside assistance service pulling up in their well-marked van. Most roadside services can get those little things, such as changing a tire, charging a battery or replacing minor parts completed in thirty minutes or less. For a modest fee, you can have professional help and be on your way in time to join up with your tour or catch a bus or train.

Breakdown for Your Vacation

Whether you are vacationing abroad or engaging in a weekend of fun, breakdown cover with roadside assistance can save the day.